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Acclaimed portrayals  from Sistah Girl, Sistah Girl Now and Again. 

Michal - King David - Etta Mae - Tonika- Donnie - Stephanie!


All Unforgettable Characters


Janette Jones’ creative writing presents everyday people in practical life experiences which come alive in a vivid and descriptive manner.  Cloudy Witness and sequel, Finding a Happy Medium illustrate the trials, tribulations and the transformative events that communicate life lessons to examine.  Marriage, family and interpersonal relationships are utilized in fiction to express Christian principles of forgiveness and reconciliation.               


 Prayerfully Pastor Carolyn Baskin-Bell Second AME Church, Los Angeles President Fifth District AME Women in Ministry

Cloudy Witness: Blessed Assured is a uniquely witty entertaining novel with twists that send the reader on a real adventure saturated with God’s word.  Janette Jones creatively stretches the imagination with character “appearances” throughout the book.  I love how the book puts on display the African American marriage/ love relationship with the funny dialogue/ banter between Etta Mae and her husband Donnie. (He reminds me of my Daddy.) 

Etta Mae’s everyday ministry with her neighbor Tonika, her sister Delilah and her husband Damien, along with gossiping frenemies shows that ministry opportunities are around us daily.   The writing is superb and biblical lessons are on full display. A must read; great for a book club.

Cheryl Williams

1st Lady Risen Son Baptist Church

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