Just A Few Spectacular   Reviews!

Cloudy Witness: Blessed Assured is a uniquely witty entertaining novel with twists that send the reader on a real adventure saturated with God’s word.  Janette Jones creatively stretches the imagination with character “appearances” throughout the book.  I love how the book puts on display the African American marriage/ love relationship with the funny dialogue/ banter between Etta Mae and her husband Donnie. (He reminds me of my Daddy.) 

Etta Mae’s everyday ministry with her neighbor Tonika, her sister Delilah and her husband Damien, along with gossiping frenemies shows that ministry opportunities are around us daily.   The writing is superb and biblical lessons are on full display. A must read; great for a book club.

Cheryl Williams

1st Lady Risen Son Baptist Church

After bursting out in tears numerous times while reading Cloudy Witness I knew when I would finish the book I would be left wanting more.  Where would Dee go next in her journey after finding peace and love in the arms of her redeemer? What new adventures would Tonika experience next? Who else would visit the spunky Etta Mae and Donnie Leroy in their home? Not to fear, I found every answer I was looking for in Finding a Happy Medium. Reverend Jones didn’t miss a beat.  I gave this book five stars and have been recommending it to all my friends.

Tonya S., Omaha, NE

August 28, 2018

Highly recommend this book. Wonderful writing!

                I started this book and was pulled into every page. This book makes you laugh and it makes your spirit grow. It’s also a very good way to read about the Bible with different characters. I loved it and highly recommend this book. I did some research and this is the author’s first book and she nailed it. Thank you for the wonderful book.

Cloudy Witness & Finding a Happy Medium 

the Sequel 

 It’s Super - Natural!