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Janette Jones
Minister, Author, Playwright, Producer, Director, Event Planner, Floral Designer

Speculatively speaking, today's world finds the Holy Bible serving as mere objects of décor, oftentimes resting on dusty shelves or coffee tables. 


But what if, let's just say, a few of the prominent beings found within (biblical 'bad girls'), as a form of rebellion, deciding what's really needed for such a bible-illiterate generation of today, save one 'Bible-thumper,' unceremoniously invoke their very presence into the lives of seven mortals.

Needless to say, it certainly warrants having a somewhat overactive imagination to conjure up the concept of the Word coming to life into one's own home!

As is the case with minister, writer, producer, director, and author, Janette Jones. It didn't take long for such a fictional concept to come to fruition. And it all began with her hit stage production, the Sistah Girl series beginning in 2002-2008. 


In the novice playwright’s attempt to marry immortality to mortality, enthusiastic patrons were taken into the presumptuous world of fictional neighbors, the Smiths, the Gibbons, along with the Whitmans. Also mixed in the melee is the couples’ mutual friend, the fast-talking chatter-bug, rumormonger, Stephanie Willis.

In a world of make believe these seven mortals are never the same when a select few invasive biblical “bad girls" in the likes of Eve, Jezebel, the Woman at the Well, even Martha and Mary bombard their lives. After all, they had a story to tell, and no one could tell that story like the divas themselves!


And now, you too can share in the often hilarious, yet solemn, soul-searching 'invasion of the biblical kind' as the 'super' wittingly merges itself with the 'natural.'  Fortunately for us, Janette's literary concept has now been transcribed into two dynamic inspirational works of Christian fiction.


First came Cloudy Witness: Blessedly Assured in 2012.  And simply because readers were left wanting more, the sequel Finding a Happy Medium: Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So soon followed in 2018. 

Then, just recently, under a new awakening, featuring a new subtitle along with even more 'spirit soaring material, the reissued, rebranded anniversary edition of Cloudy Witness: Keep Your Hand on the Plow breathes new life to the highly successful fictional venture.

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JusJan Entertainment


And Now Presenting
Cloudy Witness: Blessedly Assured
Relaunched, Rebranded!

Cloudy Witness: Keep Your Hand on the Plow
Anniversary Edition


Jesus said to him, "No one who puts their hand to the plow..." Luke 9:62a 

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Compelling Interview



April 17, 2024

Unveiling "Cloudy Witness: Keep Your Hand on the Plow" - A Divine Invasion of Biblical Proportions


Atticus Publishing LLC

April 17, 2024, 00:30 GMT

  “A Divine Encounter with Janette Jones' Timeless Tale of Laughter, Lessons, and Living Scriptures in 'Cloudy Witness: Keep Your Hand on the Plow'".

UNITED STATES, April 16, 2024 / -- Author Janette Jones invites readers on an extraordinary journey with the reissued anniversary edition of her captivating Christian fiction, "Cloudy Witness: Keep Your Hand on the Plow." In this divine tale, biblical 'bad girls' step into the current realm, imparting life lessons and humor to a Bible-illiterate generation.

In a fictional world where immortality merges with mortality, unsuspecting mortals, including the Smiths, the Gibbons, the Whitmans, and fast-talking Stephanie Willis, experience an earth-shattering encounter. The concept of 'what goes around comes around' unfolds, merging the supernatural with the natural in a soul-searching invasion of the biblical kind.

Janette, an ordained elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, infuses her literary brilliance into Christian fiction. Her previous works, "Cloudy Witness: Blessedly Assured" (2012) and "Finding a Happy Medium: Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So" (2018), garnered praise, leading to this reissued anniversary edition.

As an accomplished playwright, director, and producer, Janette's creative journey includes the acclaimed stage production "Sistah Girl" and her feature in the Emmy Award-winning documentary, 'An Inaugural Ride to Freedom.' Additionally, her successful business, Make My Day Floral Creations, showcased her event planning and floral designing expertise.

The inspiration behind "Cloudy Witness" stems from Janette's deep reverence for the written Word of God. With a desire to humanize biblical figures, especially the 'bad girls,' Janette brings Queen Jezebel and others to life, allowing them to share their perspectives on laughter, tears, and attitudes.

The primary message readers can glean from this divine narrative is the realization that the Bible is living history, the 'Living Word of God.' In the pages of Janette's work, readers are encouraged to find inspiration, laughter, and profound insights into life. Through humor and a deep understanding of Psalm 2, Janette's storytelling emphasizes God's enduring sense of humor. To embark on this soul-stirring journey of divine invasion and biblical revelation, readers can explore "Cloudy Witness: Keep Your Hand on the Plow" by Janette Jones. Visit and subscribe to the YouTube Channel: JusJan Entertainment for more from this talented author.

 Featured Reviews

There is an art of storytelling and not everyone should step forward. Thankfully, that’s not the case for Janette Jones because she has done it again!"

Rev. Dr. Samuel Lofton III, D. Min.

Men’s Ministry Director, Victory Apostolic Church




"Very inspiring! Left me open to new ideas and perspectives. I recommend the series. They are a good read.


Ms. T, US

January 17, 2019

"When one begins to read Cloudy Witness, we are introduced to each character and one wonders who does he/she remind me of. Read on and each character begins to leap off the page into our own psyche and as the drama unfolds one must remind oneself that this is Christian fiction and yet ask could it be? Is this real?"

Rev. Benjamin R. Finnell
Omaha, NE

This is a book on a subject that you don't hear about every day. I think more writers should write like this!"

Staci C. Omaha, NE 

October 2012

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Janette is an ordained elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and currently serves as an associate minister at Allen Chapel AME Church located in South Omaha, Nebraska. 

Rev. Jan, as she is affectionately known, hails from Goldsboro, North Carolina.

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Rev. Janette Jones

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