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Enjoy two spirited works of Christian fiction chocked-full of
'Riveting Revelations!'


  Cloudy Witness: Blessedly Assured is a book that paves its way on merging both paranormal invasions of the biblical-kind and the sanity of seven mortals in ways never deemed feasible. It's a craft that enables readers to consider that the matriarchs and patriarchs of the Bible were actual human beings possessing feelings. Feelings of love, hate, anger, sorrow, and even disillusionment.


It is a work inspired by Janette's series stage production titled 'Sistah Girl.' She aims to formalize and continue the coveted saga into book form. With that in mind, a book came into fruition in 2012, with its long-awaited sequel Finding A Happy Medium following in 2018.

  Then ....enjoy Janette's breathtaking fictional book titled Finding a Happy Medium/Let the Redeemed Say So. The extent of emotions embedded in this awe-inspiring work of fiction is endless! Finding a Happy Medium is the Sequel to Janette Jones last book “Cloudy Witness”. The sequel picks up where Cloudy Witness left off!

  In a chaotic world, ‘finding a happy medium’ between paranormal invasions of the biblical-kind and their sanity becomes a daily occurrence for the likes of the Smiths, the Gibbons, the Whitman’s and Stephanie Willis. This awe-inspiring work of fiction is chocked full of biblical specters exacting unnerving drama in the lives of these seven mortals in ways never deemed feasible!  This book is filled with many imaginative illustrations written in well-structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats as they eagerly progress through the pages. 

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"The conversations among the characters whenever they took place sounded believable, just like actual people were talking. “Biblical references became more than just characters in a book because the descriptions of the main characters and their histories reminded us of who they are.  Even the resolution appeals to readers:  Leaving the couples' stories open-ended for us to speculate on their future. 

  Plus, the discussion questions in the back of the book lead to some interesting conversations."


St. John AME Church Book Club


Sistah' Girl Revisited trailer


Cloudy Witness: Blessed Assured is a uniquely witty entertaining novel with twists that send the reader on a real adventure saturated with God’s word. 

  Janette Jones creatively stretches the imagination with character “appearances” throughout the book.  I love how the book puts on display the African American marriage/ love relationship with the funny dialogue/banter between Etta Mae and her husband Donnie.

(He reminds me of my Daddy.) 

  Etta Mae’s everyday ministry with her neighbor Tonika, her sister Delilah. and her husband Damien, along with gossiping frenemies shows that ministry opportunities are around us daily.   The writing is superb and biblical lessons are on full display.

A must read!

Great for a book club!


Cheryl Williams

1st Lady Risen Son Baptist Church

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